How do you feel about standards?

Death and taxes – commonly cited as the two things that are unavoidable. Except . . . there’s at least one more thing, and that thing is standards.

We are not in a love ‘em or leave ‘em era when it comes to standards. No Child Left Behind left many teachers feeling that they are forced to “teach to the test” in order to be successful in their profession, rather than drawing on the skills they were reliant upon before to engage their students in successful learning.

The current administration supports a new set of standards – the “Common Core.” The first iterations are being polishing up and the list will be rolled out over the next months. This will elevate the conversation about how students should be prepared to a national level. We are interested to see what changes the Common Core will bring!

At Curriki, the editorial and leadership teams have long struggled with how to be a platform that welcomes all contributions of educational resources, while providing some guidance on what, in the repository, has been “vetted.” Ratings by master teacher using the Curriki Review System have kept the repository free and open while providing some guidelines. The newly minted Member Rating System has taken accountability one step further.

The response to these features has been strong, but we know that to be fully useful and to help users be accountable, Curriki needs alignments to standards. This month in the Curriki Survey, we solicit member feedback to help us better understand your relationship to standards.

And soon, you’ll see a new “tab” when viewing resources. This tab will allow members to perform alignments to all grades and subject area standards, as provided by a partnership with Academic Benchmarks. Members can also, of course, gain access to alignments that have already been done.

Tell us what you think, and then, stay tuned!

Meredith Phillips
Executive Editor


3 responses to “How do you feel about standards?

  1. I am a huge fan of OER and have several funded project aiming to refine more participatory approaches to assessment which promise to make OER activities more useful and used, and provide a framwork for continually improving them. My concern with standards is that they are so narrowly written as skills, when many of the things that students are doing in these activiteis are better characterized as “practices” because they are more social. While I think the alignment is crucial for helping teachers use these activities, I would like to see them reframed in ways that the provide guidance for enacting the activities, and not just testing outcomes.

  2. Hi Daniel, Kudos to you for the funded assessment projects! Curriki is very interested in including assessments with materials, or directing users to strong assessments that would round out their OER materials. Are you using Curriki for the development of these assessments?

    I appreciate your feedback on standards and love the idea of reframing to give guidance. Have you taken our standards survey linked from the homepage (and the blog above?) I hope you will! Best, Meredith

  3. Actually the blogging is spreading its wings rapidly. Your write up is often a fine example of it.

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