Q&A with Kim Jones, Curriki’s New Executive Director

Kim Jones, chairman of the board and executive director, Curriki

Curriki welcomes new Executive Director Kim Jones, who is already a familiar face around Curriki!  Some of you may know that Kim was the original co-founder (with Scott McNealy) of Curriki and has served as its chairman of the board since 2004. We are thrilled that Kim recently accepted the additional role of executive director, where she will oversee Curriki’s next phase of growth.  You can find the official announcement here.

We had a chance to chat with Kim for a few minutes.

When did you first become interested in education?

I have been interested in education for as long as I can remember.  What really struck me, however, was when I was in college and doing a lot of volunteer work. I worked with a Big Sister program and spent time with many less fortunate children.  It was during this time that I realized how important education was and the critical role education played in helping to pull these children out of the cycle of poverty. I knew that education could change lives and allow these children to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

What is the biggest educational issue you believe we can address over the next five years?

The use of technology to bring different kinds of teaching styles to everyone – rich or poor, challenged or not challenged.  I believe learning can be fun and our use of technology as a tool to access powerful digital learning resources will give children and adults a much greater opportunity to learn and contribute to society all around the world.

What do you like most about heading up Curriki?

Having the opportunity to give back and making a difference to many people through education.

What are your goals for Curriki this year?

I want to grow our membership to more than one million registered users, and I want to see teachers and students using Curriki in the classroom or at home to improve both teacher effectiveness and student outcomes.

Why should a teacher become a member of Curriki?

Curriki gives teachers tools that can help them bring learning content “alive,” improve their effectiveness in the classroom to enhance student outcomes, and give them the opportunity to network with other teachers across the country or around the world to find out what is working, what is not working, and to share best practices and successes.

How does Curriki benefit society?

Clearly, a more educated population will benefit societies around the world. Curriki gives teachers and students new tools and new ways of teaching/learning that allow students to move at their own pace and improve their educational outcomes.  Ultimately, this will lead to a more productive population that can help us fill jobs and solve the problems we are facing in the 21st century.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

Hire the best people you can – it takes a team!

You’ve lived and traveled around the world – where would you visit again?

There are not many places I would not visit again.  I particularly enjoyed my recent trip to Bhutan  and look forward to visiting more areas in the Himalayas.  I also love Africa and will return there any time!

What is your pet peeve?

The phrase “cannot do.”

What is your favorite type of food and/or restaurant?

Like travel, I love food and restaurants.  I don’t really have a favorite, but I do appreciate fusion cuisine,with its various foods from around the world, and its clean, modern California-style of cooking using very fresh ingredients.  I particularly love Asian cuisine, and Japanese in particular – either authentic Japanese or fusion-style with modern California touches.  I recently went to Benu in San Francisco which does this really well. The tasting menu was outstanding with 15 courses!  (Now this is for a special occasion.)  For casual, every day food, I love the recently opened Cotogna, which serves pasta and pizzas made with wonderfully fresh ingredients, and I love our Russian Hill neighborhood’s sushi groove!

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  2. Here’s to great success for Curriki!!!!

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