Open Source Education – Curriki on “Class Action”

by Kim Jones, CEO of Curriki

Scott McNealy, Curriki’s founder, and I were so pleased to be interviewed by Jessica Aguirre recently on the NBC San Francisco Bay Area television program “Class Action”. We discussed what Curriki – a leading open source curricular repository – is doing to improve education in California and around the globe.

Open source curricular materials on Curriki are freely available, freely distributable, can be customized to particular requirements, and are cross-platform.  Over 40,000 open source materials are available at no cost, unlike traditional closed source educational materials, and the materials on Curriki are not confined to being used or viewed on a single platform or interface.

Take a look at the interview, it’s just a few minutes in length, and you can see it here:!/on-air/shows/Open-Source-Education/138363864

A few highlights:
* The killer app is self-paced learning with assessment and scoring, kids are used to this from video games.
* Anyone can go to the web site and from the front page, search over 40,000 materials by subject, grade level, content type, media type. And the open source content is rated by users, with best content shown at the top of your search.
* Because the materials are open source, Curriki promotes personalization, so fast learners in a subject can zoom ahead and those needing help can try other methods of learning.

Thanks again to Jessica Aquirre and NBC Bay Area’s “Class Action” for hosting us and promoting Open Source Education!

2 responses to “Open Source Education – Curriki on “Class Action”

  1. Nice job, Kim and Scott!

  2. Thank you Kim and Scott! Scott, I am excited that you are back in the
    tech with an educational slant – as you used to share with your readers/ listeners.. I was trying to listen to Joshua Marks on Openedweek and I will catch him latter this week ( I hope).I am in the process of becoming an Elearning coach with my MA in Ed (on-line program) and using my tech skills – from waaaay back at Sun Microsystems and Apple. (I call myself
    an Applette, we introduced the Apple to the public, when the earth was flat :^) ha ha) Anyhow as an educator I am happy to learn about what your team is doing! Conrads to you both on making a change into education!!!

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