Celebrate Teacher Abomo Roro of Ethiopia!

By Janet Pinto, Chief Academic Officer, Curriki

In March, we asked the Curriki community to submit their personal stories about how Curriki has made a difference in what they do.  We were excited to receive stories from all over the world, including Russia, Kenya, Chile, India and more!

Abomo Roro of Ethiopia is our grand prize winner in the Teacher category. Congratulations Abomo! We will feature our other teacher winners, as well as the parent and student winners, in future posts.

Here is Abomo’s story.

  • Name: Aboma Roro
  • Residence: Metekel Zone, Ethiopia
  • Occupation: Teacher
  • Institute: Gilgel Beles College of Teacher Education

“Curriki has helped me in providing resources for what I am teaching. I started to teach using e-lessons since I started to use Curriki resources. My favorite Curriki resources are power points and texts for chemistry courses. It really helped me in saving my time that I should spend in gathering hard copies and changing it into well organized soft copies, and also helped me in saving my money that I must invest in buying different supportive materials. My students have benefited from it. They absolutely feel happy when I am using Curriki power points in teaching them a given topic. They are also getting a well consolidated handout that I sometimes provide them after downloading from Curriki contents. I have shared it in some cases to supplement my preparation and in some other cases my preparations were fully replaced with Curriki contents.”

Thank you Abomo!  One of our popular science resources is The Free High School Science Texts: Textbooks For High School Students Studying The Sciences (FHSST) available on Curriki. Simply type “FHSST” in the Curriki Search box and you’ll find a variety of helpful resources.

Please share below if you have other favorite resources you would recommend to Abomo.

8 responses to “Celebrate Teacher Abomo Roro of Ethiopia!

  1. Really it is a nice lesson for all teachers . I want to keep in touch with you if I get your address . My address is eshetuaga@gmail.com

  2. I am proud of my staff member Mr. Aboma and also like to thank Curriki for providing this opportunities for teachers and students. Looking forward to be one of your member and share experiences from around the world.

  3. I am a srilankan student

  4. I am really proud of today because of English. English is an international language. Learning English is very important to native speakers like us. If someone wish to share their knowledge of English please send mail me.

  5. I am Ilangorasa from Sri Lanka My mother language Tamil Iwant to Learing English Please Help To me Learn English

  6. as a new comer to this site, i suggest God bless all people who contributed here. my e-mail is (tibeshowgt2006@yahoo.com)
    From Ethiopia

  7. The message from Abomo Roro is very motivating. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. However, learning is dynamic.

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