Digital Learning and Achievement

By Kim Jones, Curriki CEO

Tom Vander Ark wrote a blog earlier this month entitled “How Digital Learning is Boosting Achievement”. He pointed out that digital learning is proven technology, with extensive usage in business and in the military in addition to a rapidly increasing set of applications in K-12 education.

There are many success stories. The author makes four key points, and provides many examples to support these points; we just repeat a few of those examples here:

  • Blended schools can and do achieve high performance
    • Example: Proficiency in reading, math, science up from 68% to 88% in Mooresville, NC with laptops for all.
  • Hundreds of studies of online and blended learning are showing good results
  • Technology-enabled math products are demonstrating positive results
    • Example: Reasoning Mind claims struggling 2nd and 3rd graders could catch up to grade level in math in one year.
  • Digital learning is cost-effective in the face of a ‘decade of deficits’
    • Example: US Department of Education study shows 9 ways that online learning boosts productivity.

Mr. Vander Ark states “The digital learning revolution offers the first opportunity in history to extend quality secondary [education] to every young person on the planet.” And it also increases the college-readiness and career-readiness of high school graduates.

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Curriki’s open educational resource repository is focused around digital learning content, including many videos, presentations and interactive resources. These digital learning resources are available to anyone on the planet with Internet access for free.

Broadband, tablets and the Cloud are all enabling technologies that support access to the best methods and the best teachers for anyone, anywhere, at any time. Personalized learning is spreading across the globe, and Curriki is proud to provide a free, open education repository as a Cloud-based service.

2 responses to “Digital Learning and Achievement

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  2. I would just like to add that there are many great games out there that take advantage of their ability to engage children by providing learning environments that kids voluntarily participate in. It is my firm believe that without technology, the quest for customized education will be lost. Technology enables both a greater insight into a child’s skill level and the ability to adapt instruction to suit each child’s particular learning needs and development curve.

    That is why we have designed a personalized learning tool that is not only tailored to each individual, but is also incredibly fun for kids. This isn’t like any other learning game out there – it uses principles present in adult games to keep children engaged longer. Additionally, using adaptive algorithms in the game and an external wrist sensor, we are able to monitor a child’s level of engagement, and adapt the game to keep them learning longer. If that isn’t enough, results have shown a 20% average increase in skill level over 4 weeks. Currently the game is focused on math skills for grades 1-5 (ages 6-11), but we hope to add a literacy module soon. Check it out here.

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