How a Teacher in Russia is Using OERs

By Janet Pinto, Chief Academic Officer, Curriki

Recently, we asked educators, students and parents to submit personal stories about how Curriki has made a difference in what they do.  We were excited to receive stories from all over the world, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Chile and India!

Rezeda Valieva of Lesnoy, Sverdlovskaya region, Russia was a winner in the Teacher category. Congratulations Rezeda! Here is her story.

Name: Rezeda Valieva

Residence: Lesnoy, Sverdlovskaya region, Russia

Occupation: Teacher

Institute: Secondary School №76

Hello, my friends. I am very grateful for your resources. Curriki has helped me improve the learning experience for my pupils. I have got pupils from the second grade to the 11th. I use the songs, presentations, materials for grammar from your resources. My favourite Curriki resources are YouTube for schools and findings and collections, especially grammar collections. We sing songs and read the information about some famous groups. Pupils use online lessons, exercises. My students and I use [professional photographer] Ken’s photos in presentations or projects about animals and birds. I advised Curriki for my parents and they use your online materials very successfully. I would like to connect with teachers from other countries with your help. I chose Curriki because all the resources are free and I can find new ideas for my lessons.

Please share Curriki with your friends and colleagues and ask them to Join Curriki.

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