6 Reasons to Visit Curriki throughout the School Year

By Janet Pinto, Chief Academic Officer of Curriki

Do you visit Curriki several times each week, or do you visit only when you have a specific need?

Think of Curriki as a vibrant, global community of educators where you can not only find highly-rated, classroom-tested resources, but where you can share and connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about education.

Here is Part One of why you should visit Curriki throughout the school year:

  1. Beyond STEM and Humanities. Most likely, you’ve used Curriki to find resources in math, science, social studies, and language arts. But did you know you can find many different resources in a variety of subject areas such as World Languages, Health, Career & Technical Education and the Arts?  One of our more popular resources right now is Digital Image Manipulation in the Mass Media about which Curriki member Christine M. said “My middle school students were very impressed by this activity. They still bring it up months later.”
  2. Stay on top of your skills. Enhance your teaching skills and increase your students’ overall achievements by browsing Curriki’s professional development resources.  You’ll find this Professional Development collection including videos and best practices, or you can schedule a Curriki Professional Development Workshop where you will focus on innovative concepts and practices related to open education curriculum, digital and social learning. Curriki will show you how to use Open Educational Resources (OERs) with simple, step-by-step tools.
  3.  Share experiences with other teachers. Are you sharing your classroom best practices tips and favorite resources with your peers at other schools? Learn what others are doing – begin by watching this short video tutorial About Curriki Groups. Join a group today! There are more than 650 groups including Hot Topics in Educational Technology, New Teachers and Digital Tools for Homework Help.
  4. Voice your opinion.  Have you seen our daily Wayin poll? We invite you to Wayin (i.e., weigh in) with your opinion on questions that will spark humorous, passionate and lively debate within the global Curriki community. Visit our homepage to cast your vote on the latest poll.
  5. Learn something new. Do you subscribe to our blog Curriki Conversations?  We want to have an on-going dialog with you and we ask that you read and comment, please! You can find recent posts such as Impediments to Use of Technology in Education to Free Home School Online Resources and Women in STEM Careers and Enhancing Innovation.
  6. See what’s trending (most popular). Do you want to know what the “hot” resources are that Curriki members are downloading? Visit Curriki regularly to find out. Meanwhile, check out our new Earth Systems, an Earth Science Course or this video about the educational uses of YouTube that is part of a larger YouTube resource.

Thanks for being a participant in our community! We’ll share more reasons to visit Curriki in a future post.

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