Free Curriki Curated Resources for Social Studies and Health

By Janet Pinto, Chief Academic Officer, Curriki

Wow, it was a busy summer here at Curriki as a small but energetic team of teachers put together more than 150 curated collections in several subject areas. A big thank you to Jessica Flint, Nate Merrill, and Marlaine deGuia!

These new collections are available to you for FREE and we simply ask that you share Curriki with your colleagues so they can take advantage of these time-saving, best-of-the-best lessons and activities.

Since there are so many new resources, we’ve been breaking this up by subject area. In prior blogs we addressed Math and Science and Language Arts resources. Today, we’re pleased to share more than two dozen Social Studies and Health collections with you.  Please check them out, put them to work, and tell us what you think!

Social Studies:

  1. Social Studies Videos and Lessons
  2. Social Studies Interactive Whiteboard Activities
  3. Social Studies Games
  4. Social Studies Rubrics
  5. Social Studies Diagrams and Images
  6. Oil in Society
  7. The Global Economy Today
  8. Ancient Greece Graphic Organizers and Worksheets
  9. Ancient Greece Lesson Plans
  10. Israel and Palestine: culture and conflict
  11. Constitutional Amendment Lesson Plans
  12. Cultural Diffusion and Global Awareness
  13. Chinese Economic Trends Today
  14. Florida Native Americans
  15. Islam
  16. Poverty
  17. Presidential Elections
  18. Politics and Political Parties: Lesson Plans
  19. Public Speaking
  20. Personal Finance
  21. Oral History Projects in the Social Studies Classroom
  22. The United Nations, NATO and international treaties
  23. The American Civil War Resources
  24. United States Government Lesson Plans


  1. HIV/Aids Resources, Lessons and Videos
  2. Psychology Lesson Plans

We hope you enjoy working with these new collections.  Stay tuned for more new resources in the Social Studies and Health subject areas!

One response to “Free Curriki Curated Resources for Social Studies and Health

  1. Wow love it… Thanks for sharing this blog

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