Curriki Celebrates Six Year Anniversary!

By Kim Jones, CEO, Curriki

Curriki is celebrating our 6-year anniversary this week. For 6 years, Curriki has been the leading K-12 global community for teachers, students and parents to create, share, and find free and open learning resources that improve teacher effectiveness and student outcomes. We are pleased to be going strong and we thank you for your support and engagement, whether you just joined this year or have been involved with us for several years.

The name Curriki is derived from the words “curriculum” and “wiki”. Here’s how our mission is described at Wikipedia:

Curriki’s mission is to use technology to help break down economic and geographic barriers that prevent children worldwide from having access to quality education, and thereby to make learning possible for anyone, anywhere in the world. Curriki’s model is to develop curricula through community contributors, and to deliver curricula and open educational resources globally. Anyone with access to the Internet can contribute and use the material found on Curriki to teach themselves or others. Since the materials, which include digital textbooks, learning videos, and interactive resources, are provided in open source, they can be adapted as needed to particular requirements inside or outside of the classroom.

Curriki continues to grow rapidly. The number of resources available at Curriki has doubled just in the last 4 years, and is now at 45,000. The number of members has grown to over 300,000, more than tripling in that same period. There have been over 7.5 million unique visitors to the Curriki site! And there are 678 groups within the Curriki family that have established by our members.

Curriki’s pre-history was in 2004 and 2005 and saw the development of the original concepts for a global education community, spearheaded by Scott McNealy and myself when Scott was the CEO at Sun Microsystems and I lead the Sun Education group for the company. Working in the technology field and with the education community, we were able to see the potential to leverage the Internet and technology more broadly to address the mission as stated above.

We launched Curriki in 2006 as a non-profit organization, and the initial website was launched in 2007. The first contribution was from Kevin Driscoll. In the same year the Curriki review team was launched. In 2009 we added a full chemistry curriculum.

Highlights in the current year of 2012 included a significant redesign of the Curriki web site, the launching of the Curriki Algebra 1 course, and the 300,000th member joining Curriki.

We look forward to increasing Curriki’s capabilities in the coming years and to continuing to help you achieve successful educational results!

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  1. let this success journey continues

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