Will You Help Spread the Word?


By Kim Jones, Curriki CEO

This has been an amazing year for Curriki with phenomenal growth in the number of visitors, members and new resources added! I want to extend my sincerest thanks to YOU, our Curriki members, who are helping to make Curriki the leading K-12 community, where people around the world can find and contribute resources, and collaborate with others.

Have you visited Curriki lately? Look how the number of resources in these subject areas have grown!  (We also have thousands of resources in the arts, edtech, health, world languages, info & media subject areas.)


May I ask a favor of you? We have a goal to reach 500,000 members (we’re at 328,000 now) this year and we want people around the world to benefit from the thousands of learning resources available on Curriki – all free of cost, saving valuable time and money. Please forward this email to three people and encourage them to join Curriki (membership is free and it takes about one minute to join). Just look for Share This at the bottom of this blog and click on the Email button.

On behalf of the entire Curriki community, thank you and Happy New Year!


Kim Jones, CEO, Curriki

P.S. Thank you if you’ve already given to Curriki’s 2012 annual fund! There are only four days left in the calendar year! We’d appreciate if you would please take a moment to make an online donation of any amount you are able to give, so that we can deliver an even better Curriki experience.

One response to “Will You Help Spread the Word?

  1. virginia malone

    I am on several science lists and often refer members to materials I have posted as well as suggest to others that they use Curriki. This is especially important when teachers change districts or move out of state their materials are always available on Curriki.

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