Summer Reading Resources for Students

janetpic_preferred_croppedBy Janet Pinto, Chief academic Officer, Curriki

How can we help children keep their minds engaged over the summer break? One of the best ways is by encouraging them to read.

There are a number of summer reading lists which you can find on Curriki. Here we mention a few of those.

Below is a link to a set of eight different reading lists for students in K-12. Each list is well annotated and like a mini book talk – engaging and hooking to even the most reluctant reader. This resource even includes a list for boys who are reluctant readers.

phot by Darwin Bell via Flickr Creative CommonsAnd here are two lists for teenage students:

For teenage girls ––BooksforTeenGirls

For teenage guys ––BooksforTeenGuys

There are quite a few other resources, just go to and search on “summer reading”!

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