Fun, Educational Games for Your Summer Road Trip


By Janet Pinto, Curriki Chief Academic Officer


If you have an upcoming family vacation, don’t miss the opportunity to pack some fun, educational games or activities for your trip.  Whether you are traveling by plane, train, ship or car, the resources below provide ways you can keep your children’s minds engaged, inspire creativity and have fun throughout the summer break.

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Read a book! Don’t forget the magic of a good book!  Whether paper or electronic format,  encourage your kids to read. Here are the StorySnoops summer reading lists

Fun Travel Games for Kids. Here are all kinds of car travel games to play to make your trip easier and more fun for everybody, including I Spy, Scavenger hunt, License plate games and more.

Educational Apps – explore the thousands of apps available, including 12 Best Educational Apps for Elementary Kids  and Best Free Apps for Space and Astronomy and Best iPad Apps for Kids

Great Family Travel Games for Kids from the guide including 20 questions, math games and travel game printouts.

5 responses to “Fun, Educational Games for Your Summer Road Trip

  1. Education is important but games are also important for health and good mind. Every kinds of good works make a good student. thank you for giving a beautiful post. Keep it up.

  2. Education through games is not a very new concept. Actually we need to define the word education – is it study of concepts by cramming the definition or understanding the world, the surroundings and the nature? I belong to India, the land of ancient universities like Nalanda, where it is said that a sage told stories of “Panchatantra” to a naughty prince in his childhood to make him a great king and administrator. So education through games or stories is one of the best practices.

  3. I have a website focusing on road trip games but most are not very educational. Thank you for your post, would you mind if I put some of these games on my site.

    My website is called if youd like to check it out.


  4. Wow. I would’ve never thought of some of these games. Usually I just load on a few educational mobile apps on the phone or the tablet and hope that the kids will shut up for an hour or two. Such a great resource this. I might skip the read a book bit (because, you know, kids) and try those car travel games! Thank you for this!

  5. Great road trip ideas keep the kids engaged while in the car with fun travel games.

    Is there any apps on this?

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