Curriki Project-Based Geometry Course Now Available Free Worldwide

KimJonesimageBy Kim Jones, CEO, Curriki

We are very pleased to report that the Curriki project-based high school Geometry course is now available here. Students are going to love geometry after taking this course! So many students hate math because it’s difficult to make a real-life connection between math and their everyday lives. By adopting a Project-Based Learning (PBL) approach, we show students that geometry is not only theoretical, but practical and necessary. Students will move beyond a basic understanding of concepts to an enjoyment of discovery.

This free Geometry course not only leverages the popular PBL “active” approach but is also aligned to Common Core State Standards. Available online at the Curriki site, it is designed to meet the needs of students raised in a global, interactive, digitally-connected world through the use of real-world examples, engaging projects, interactive technologies, videos and targeted feedback. Developed with funding from AT&T, the Curriki Geometry course is modular, so can be used as the foundation for students’ Geometry 1 curriculum, as a supplementary resource, in an after-school program, or in a homeschool environment.

geometry2The course units have been designed with carefully selected Curriki instructional materials, interactive content, videos and other materials that students can explore and use as they solve the series of challenges in each unit. The course structure is based on the six Common Core High School Geometry topics, organized in six units covering: (1) Congruence (2) Similarity, Right Triangles and Trigonometry (3) Circles (4) Expressing Geometric Properties with Equations (5) Geometric Measurement and Dimension, and (6) Modeling with Geometry. The Common Core Math Practice Standards are woven through each unit, with projects and explorations designed to develop students’ mathematical “habits of mind”, problem-solving and reasoning skills, and abilities to use mathematical models and technology tools strategically.

Thom Markham, Ph.D., President of PBL International, is the designer of the course. He notes that Project-Based Learning points us toward the future of education. “It’s a proven method for integrating the 21st century skills of communication and teamwork into the delivery of core subjects. Taking it online is the next step in offering this student-friendly approach to learning to a wider teacher audience.”

“When was the last time you had to force a kid to put down a text book?” asks Scott McNealy, Curriki board member and chairman of Wayin. “Never! On the other hand, give them a computer and a dynamic learning platform, and they never want to stop. We have to support future generations in the best ways possible given the challenges they will face.”

We thank AT&T for a $250,000 contribution to support the Curriki Geometry course as part of AT&T Aspire, AT&T’s $350 million commitment to education. Launched in 2008, AT&T Aspire is one of the largest-ever corporate commitments to address high school success and workforce readiness.

We encourage you to take a look at the Curriki Geometry course today, and to consider how it can be utilized in your classroom or school.

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