Best Online Math Resources

math-blogBy Janet Pinto, Chief Academic Officer, Curriki


Many children don’t understand why they need to learn math if they’re not studying to become an engineer or an accountant.  But we use math every day, whether we’re calculating a meal tip or budgeting for a big ticket item.

At Curriki, we offer more than 10,500 math resources  designed for grades K-12. And the best part is that they’re FREE for teachers, students and parents to use.


Our two newest math courses are now available: Curriki Algebra and Curriki Geometry.  Both curricula are aligned to Common Core Standards and use project-based teaching methods to engage today’s “digital” student through interactive technologies, videos, real-world examples and more.

Here are several sites that offer quality math resources:

Khan Academy – A popular site among teachers and students alike, Khan Academy offers thousands of videos for students to learn at their own pace.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics – Illuminations offers standards-based math resources for K-12 teachers including online activities and lessons.

PBS Teacher’s Math  – You can search for math resources by grade level or subject, which all have a focus on games and interactivity.

Super Kid’s Math – This site not only rates educational software, but offers a handy way to easily create math drill worksheets.

Inside Mathematics   – This is a professional resource for teachers and features innovative teaching methods and tools and promotes the sharing of best practices.

Passy’s World of Mathematics  – A blog written by Passy, a teacher of mathematics and ICT (information and communications technology) sharing “all the fun ways of doing mathematics online 24×7.”

Curriki –  –10,000+ math resources that can be personalized for different styles of learning and range from lessons and workbooks, to interactive games and videos.

[Note: Curriki also offers 1000s of resources in other subject areas such as ELA, science, arts , world languages, education technology and more.]

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