Curriki Conversations is where Curriki members, friends, and visitors discuss global open education initiatives and all things ed tech. Join the conversation!
Curriki is an online community for creating and sharing curricula and teaching best practices.

  • Provides High Quality Free Resources – The Curriki repository contains over 42,000 free K-12 lessons, units, assessments and multimedia learning objects across all subject areas.
  • Empowers Educators – Curriki’s free platform enables educators to build their own curriculum by assembling Curriki resources, as well as their own, into collections similar to an iTunes playlist.
  • Helps Eliminate the Education Divide – Curriki originated from the idea that technology can play a crucial role in breaking down the barriers of the Education Divide – the gap between those who have access to high-quality education and those who do not. Curriki helps bridge this divide by providing free and open resources to teachers who need them most.
  • Leads the Open Education Resource Movement – Curriki is a leading organization behind the OER movement – a movement based around the idea that teaching materials should be freely available for educators and students to use, mix, modify and share.
  • Engages in Dynamic Partnerships with a Global Reach – Curriki is working with partners in the US and abroad to develop multilingual educational content that supports local education initiatives and goals.

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