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Classroom Management – Strategies, Best Practices and Helpful Tips

Remember years ago when the classroom clown disrupted the class with spit balls? It may have seemed funny at the time or a good diversion to avoid the pop quiz yet, it disrupted the class and took precious time away from learning. Fast forward to today’s classroom environment where teachers face many more challenges on their quest to educate students.  With overcrowding classes, reduced budgets and No Child Left Behind testing pressures, the stress in managing the classroom continues to escalate.  Now add to this misbehaving/disrespectful students, diverse learning abilities, and digital distractions and you face an uphill battle.

Don’t despair.  NEA and Curriki’s global communities have helpful strategies, resources and lessons learned on topics from Management Tips for New Teachers to handling students with disabilities to creating a more beautiful teaching environment.  These are great resources to help you craft your individual style of classroom management.

1. Management Tips for New Teachers – Bringing Order to the Classroom.

2. Set Up Rules and Routines – Give yourself more time to teach.

3.  Management Tips to Start Your Year – Classroom management tips from Education World covering tips for taking attendance, motivating students and rewarding good behavior.

4.  10 Approaches to Better Discipline – Helping Students manage their own Behavior

5. Social Skills Kids Need to Succeed – Why We should Teach Manners & Etiquette in School

6.  Book of Consequences – Creative ways to help students reflect on their behavior and ways to improve.

7.  Square Pegs – Helping kids with Asperger Syndrome to find a place in the classroom.

Let us know about your classroom management strategies, tools and best practices.  Share with the global Curriki community!