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Easy Ways to Integrate Educational Technology into the Classroom

By Janet Pinto, Chief Academic Officer, Curriki

Do you know what digital storytelling is? Think of it as a short “film” that uses a combination of still images, video and sound to more effectively tell a story.

Here is a peek at one new resource on Integrating Digital Storytelling in Instruction that helps students and teachers build on 21st century skills and introduce educational technology into the classroom in a fun and engaging way.

We are excited to unveil a number of NEW resources on the topic of educational technology now available on Curriki. Other very useful collections are Internet safety and Digital Citizenship, which covers everything from plagiarism on the web, to digital responsibility and cyber etiquette for all grade levels. To give you an idea of what’s included, here is a middle school teacher’s guide on copyright laws and digital responsibility with content from ww.B4Ucopy.com:

We encourage you to check out more related resources that have been recently added:

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  4. Teaching with Mobile Devices in the Classroom
  5. Keyboarding
  6. Study Skills

Curriki features more than 150 NEW COLLECTIONS. See our collections on social studies and health, language arts, and STEM. Please share these resources with your friends and colleagues!

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To start browsing Curriki resources by subject, click here. You can also use the advanced search option to look for resources for specific grades, languages, learning styles, etc. So that you can get a sense of what Curriki has to offer, here a few highlights from the collection:

For Elementary School teachers

For Middle School teachers:

For High School Teachers

Similar to an iTunes playlist, Curriki allows you build your own curriculum by assembling resources that work for your classroom into a collection. You can also upload material you’ve created yourself to add to your collections and share with others easily. To learn how to do this, click here. Or, visit the Curriki help collections to access a number of tutorials on how to use and take advantage of the content on Curriki.

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