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Don’t Forget to Pack…

With classes coming to an end, everyone is excited to have some downtime to relax and have a bit of a reprieve from studying.  Students and parents alike deserve a break.

As family vacations are being planned, don’t miss the opportunity to pack some fun, educational games or activities for your trip.  Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile, the resources below provide ideas for ways you can keep your children’s minds engaged, inspire creativity and have fun throughout the summer break. You’ll be amazed how much fun you and your family will have while you’re learning.

  1. Fun Travel Games for Kids– from ISpy to Scavenger Hunt to the famous License Plate game, this site provides a great assortment of travel games for kids of all ages.
  2.  Learning on the Go: Educational Travel Games for Children – Make a travel booklet to share the travels – improve reading skills and encourage creative writing.
  3. Don’t forget to download your educational apps to your iPhone, iPad, Droid, Kindle or your favorite smartphone before your trip.  Most of the popular education board games are available, as well as brainteasers and science challenge games.  Check out Fun Educational Apps to learn more.
  4. From Man Bites Dog card game to Education Camp Travel Edition, REI is offering educational travel games for kids starting from $8 and going up to $20.
  5. Family Education Top 10 Travel Games for the Road – from Geo word game to TV Travel Reporter, you’ll find games for everyone in the family.
  6. Don’t forget the magic of a good book!  Hard copy, Kindle or iPad – no matter what the format, encourage your kids to read.

Share with us your best educational travel activities you have for your kids.  Enjoy your travels – enjoy your learning.


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The iPad as an Educational Tool

photo by 3Gstore.de via Flickr Creative Commons


More dynamic, more portable, more personal and more affordable than any classroom technology tool that has come before it, the potential of the iPad to transform the classroom is boundless. Check out these  videos showcasing the iPad as an educational tool, and get ready to revolutionize your learning!

Teaching With iPads

This 3-part video is teeming with iPad education tools for the classroom!

10 iPad Apps for Educators

Highlighting iPad Apps for the creating and consuming educational content.

iPad Classroom

An elementary school classroom comes to life using the iPad as a learning tool!

How do you use portable education devices in your classroom?

Tell us how you use portable education devices in your classroom and the types of Curriki resources you’d like to see provided for your iPad, iPod, Android, Palm, etc.!


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Photo by: 3Gstore.de via Flickr Creative Commons

Stay on Top of Open News!

[tweetmeme]Keep on top of all things open at OpenSource.com!

As the website states, “OpenSource.com is where we explore what happens when the open source way is applied to the world”.

From Business to Education to Law to Government to Life, this is a great website to bookmark and check back with frequently. OER lovers will enjoy the recent articles:

Can’t wait for the next batch of open education articles to arrive!

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