Curriki launches free interactive, project-based algebra course: Curriki Algebra 1

By Kim Jones, CEO Curriki

Curriki has launched a free Algebra 1 course that addresses each of the Common Core State Standards. This algebra course was sponsored and funded by AT&T and developed by Curriki. The online project-based modular course pulls in students through real-world examples, engaging projects, interactive Web 2.0 tools, videos and targeted feedback. With its modular design it can be used as a supplementary resource, as the foundation for students’ Algebra 1 curriculum, in after-school programs or in a homeschooling environment.

Project-based learning (PBL) is a proven motivator and gives students a deeper understanding of the concepts and standards at the heart of a project. It provides students real-world opportunities to think analytically, formulate ideas, and solve increasingly complex problems using algebraic expressions. The Curriki Algebra 1 course incorporates themes and concepts such as sports statistics, video games, business finance, and the Olympics, and weaves assessments throughout.

This course has been designed to align with the “Traditional Pathway” as defined in the Common Core State Standards Appendix A. The modules contain daily lessons based on the four algebra domains and the standards and standard clusters found within. The daily lessons are based on 50-minute sessions and build up to a culminating project-based activity. They provide ample instruction, ample student group and individual practice activities, suggestions for technology integration, interactive learning objects (animations, simulations, tutorials, and games), exercises, e-texts, videos, presentations, rubrics, and practice problems and solutions.

The Curriki Algebra 1 course includes 5 units incorporating 30 lessons. Each unit has its own project. The 5 units are:

1. Relationships between quantities and reasoning with equations
2. Linear and exponential relationships
3. Descriptive statistics
4. Expressions and equations
5. Quadratic functions and modeling

“Success in Algebra 1 opens opportunities in the science, technology, engineering and math disciplines, and will be increasingly important in nearly every job in the future,” according to John Irwin, AT&T senior vice president, Public Sector and Healthcare. “STEM disciplines are at the heart of AT&T’s business, and we are proud to support Curriki in maximizing online resources to engage and prepare this new generation of tech-savvy students.”

To help every student succeed in algebra — and reach graduation — Curriki Algebra 1 combines all the elements needed for successful algebra instruction, including assessment, collaborative activities, practice, and engaging projects. With the right access to different kinds of educational resources that also fit different learning styles – such as video games or other visual media – we can allow children to learn at their own pace, using various methods that meet their individual needs.

Please take a look at the course at Curriki Algebra 1 and consider how you can use it in the classroom or outside of the classroom.

3 responses to “Curriki launches free interactive, project-based algebra course: Curriki Algebra 1

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    Nice One!

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