NEW! 80+ Free STEM Curated Collections You Can Use Today

By Janet Pinto, Chief Academic Officer, Curriki

Wow, it’s been a busy summer here at Curriki as a small team of teachers put together more than 150 curated collections in several subject areas.  A big thank you to Jessica Flint, Nate Merrill, and Marlaine deGuia!

These new collections are available to you for FREE and we simply ask that you share Curriki with your colleagues so they can take advantage of these time-saving, best-of-the-best lessons and activities.

Since there are so many new resources, we’re breaking this up by subject area. Today, we’re proud to share more than 80 STEM collections with you.  Please check them out and tell us what you think!

  1. Scientific Method Collection
  2. Science Interactive Whiteboard Activities
  3. Science Images
  4. Video Lessons about Cells
  5. Biology Worksheets
  6. Biology Websites
  7. Biology Labs
  8. Biology Animations
  9. Biology Articles
  10. Biology Games
  11. Biology Diagrams
  12. Biology projects
  13. Chemistry Worksheets
  14. Chemistry Labs
  15. Chemistry Animations
  16. Chemistry Articles
  17. Chemistry Problem Sets
  18. Chemistry Presentations
  19. Biology Graphic Organizers
  20. Earth Science Worksheets
  21. Earth Science WebQuests
  22. Earth Science Labs
  23. Earth Science Animations
  24. Earth Science Articles
  25. Earth Science Games
  26. Earth Science Diagrams
  27. Global Warming Collection
  28. Evolution Collection
  29. Genes and DNA
  30. Lesson Plans about Space
  31. Body Systems: Heart, Brain and Digestion
  32. Body Systems: Respiratory, Circulatory, Nervous, Skeletal and Digestive Systems
  33. Endocrine System Collection
  34. Lesson Plans about Minerals, Rocks and Soil
  35. Recycling
  36. Conservation and Environmental Awareness
  37. Sustainability
  38. Diffusion Collection
  39. Osmosis Collection
  40.  DNA Structure Collection
  41. Protein Synthesis Collection
  42. Biotechnology Collection
  43. Mendelian Genetics Collection
  44. Disease Collection
  45. Vertebrate Collection
  46. Invertebrate Collection
  47. Dinosaur Collection
  48. Bacteria Collection
  49. Weather Collection
  50. Earthquake Collection
  51. Photosynthesis Collection
  52. Cell Respiration Collection
  53. Human Impact on the Environment Collection
  54. Homeostasis Collection
  55. Digestive System Collection
  56. Reproduction Collection
  57. Cardiovascular System Collection
  58. Immune System Collection
  59. Terrestrial Planets Collection
  60. Electricity Collection
  61. DNA Fingerprinting Collection
  62.  Virtual Dissection Collection
  63. Forensic Science Collection
  64. Famous Scientist Collection
  65. Properties of Water Collection
  66. Food Chains Collection
  67. Insect Collection
  68. Biodiversity Collection
  69. Wolfram Alpha Activities
  70. Teaching about Rivers
  71. Be Green! The Environmental Movement and You
  72. Moon Phases Collection
  73. Elementary Science Animations
  74. Elementary Science Worksheets
  75. Elementary Science Homework
  76. Elementary Science WebQuests
  77. Elementary Science Games
  78. Elementary Science Videos/Presentations
  79. Elementary Science Labs
  80. Algebra Games
  81. Math Simulations

Hope you enjoy working with these new collections.  Stay tuned for new resources in the humanities, arts and health areas.


One response to “NEW! 80+ Free STEM Curated Collections You Can Use Today

  1. There seems to be a problem on the newsletter with the link “2 dozens resources on social studies & health . It redirects to the following weird link rated as unsafe. it may have been hijacked
    All the best
    Aulde dfrom France

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